Jeep Wrangler Rubicon TJ Offroad Peckfitz März 2014

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon TJ
März 2014

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Back in July, we picked up a brand new GoPro HERO HD video camera and have spent the better part of the summer looking for fun ways to use it on the Rubicon and on other trails up in Tahoe. Being very small, shock resistant, waterproof and offering a super wide angle lens that captures just about everything, we were eager to test it out trying to get difficult shots like that of our suspension system at work. In fact, that’s exactly what you’ll get to see in this short video – the Off Road Evolution Coil Over Suspension System and EVO Lever on our Jeep JK Wrangler hard at work, flexing out over boulders, racing fast across rocky trails absorbing big bumps and, even taking a cool dive into a river. I hope you enjoy it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. When you see a built Jeep/JK on the road, she looks normal. But this is how
    she moves off the road. Magnificent suspension articulation. 

  2. I think the only part I REALLY loved about this video and I keep replaying
    it is the part with the rear EVOLever system. Rare to find anything on the
    system in action. Been looking around forever for the Systems in action
    and wanted to see the rear suspension flex. If possible I would love to
    see a lot of videos on the Double ThrownDown and how it articulates and
    everything. Awesome video make more!!!!!

  3. @pandaonweed up front, you’re just looking at standard coil over setup.
    there is a lot more to it but not overly so. now the rear with it’s F1
    style cantilever system is complicated but it works amazingly well and
    allows you to obtain stupid crazy flex/suspension travel without having to
    cut into the body and/or have the coil overs mount precariously low on the
    axle where it can be damaged by rocks. simply the best coil over solution
    there is – period

  4. @ThatHmoobGuy depends on what all you get. i would contact off road
    evolution . c o m and get a quote from them.

  5. @CrossmanM it would take a lot of custom work but yeah, sure you can
    install coil overs on a 94 YJ.

  6. @Firefighter1271 being in socal, it may take till next spring to do but, we
    definitely want to do more 🙂

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