Jeep Wrangler Rubicon VS Land Rover Defender OFFROAD!

Два Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, коротыш и пятидверный, Land Rover Defender и подготовленный Land Cruiser 105 в роли тяжелой артиллерии предприняли короткий выезд в Тверскую область чтобы немного поразвлечься и понять, кто же есть кто… Тест внедорожников и малая толика путешествия. Что еще надо? Подробности:


  1. Не оценили ситуацию, насколько сильно грунт раскис. Это бывшее дно Рыбинки,
    там ил и глина. Потом-то стравились, ага ) А сначала хотели браво
    проскочить и упс ))

  2. Wow these guys are incompetent. All-terrain tires on the Jeeps and Mud
    tires on the Defender, that is a huge advantage in the mud. Plus at 16:50
    the Jeep goes through the ditch, the left rear tire does not spin! A
    Rubicon has lockers front and rear, all tires will move at the same speed
    all the time, they are “locked” which means all tires move at the same
    speed even if they are off the ground! They didn’t turn on their lockers
    or it is not a real Rubicon.

  3. How was the Wrangler compared to the Defender. I see that the Rubicon have
    more on road tires, not so much offroad tires. A small summary in english

  4. When I try and read the subtitles, all I hear is an angry voice shouting

    Broxilium Jeep punts nubberish ka blah!!

  5. Also export wranglers have different front and rear bumpers that are bigger
    and have worse approach angle and departure angle than the US wranglers.
    Also export wranglers lack the real heavy front towhooks that US wranglers

  6. Классное видео. Сделайте обрывки про Дефф, чтобы короче было.

  7. In the end of the movie (the orange wrangler) they dont use the lockers,
    maybe they dont know how to engage them. The wrangler have also electronic
    “lockers” traction control (BLD) but to engage them they have to give it
    some gas, and they even dont do that. For me it looks that they have
    borrowed the Jeeps and did not really understand how they works.

  8. In US the Rubicon comes with BF Goodrich offroad mud tires and in a bigger
    size like 255/75/17 and then have bigger groundclearance compared to export
    Rubicons that have smaller tires in size 245/75/17 with less ground
    clearance and have a Goodyear Wrangler tire that is not so much for offroad
    and mud, more a street tire for less noice and for better fuel

  9. А почему давление в шинах не снижали? На первый взгляд на 0,3-0,5 там все
    могли своим ходом передвигаться.

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