Therm-ic SmartPack rc 1200 with Remote Control

Therm-ic SmartPack rc 1200 with Remote Control

Use the Therm-ic SmartPack rc 1200 with Remote Control in order to electronically warm your feet on frigid days. These packs clip to your boots’ tongues and power the ThermicSoles insoles so you can ride with warm toes all winter long. The SmartPacks have three different levels of heat, and you can change the levels easily with a remote. The Impulse Control system helps stimulate your own blood circulation for even more natural warmth. This pack also includes a global charger that charges the lithium ion battery in the SmartPack rc 1200 no matter what country you’re in. Some ski boots by Atomic, Burton, Dalbello, Head, and Salomon have ThermicSoles in them already. Some have ThermicInside compatibility. Some have neither. If your boots already have ThermicSoles in them, all you need is this pack. If your boots don’t have the soles, you need to grab a pair of ThermicSoles to go with this pack. ThermicInside compatibility will make it a bit easier to set up the system, but if your boots don’t have that either, with a bit of craftsmanship, a pair of scissors, and some duct tape, you’ll be set to integrate the system with your boots.

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Price: $ 379.95

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